Gällö Timber

Gällö Timber AB was formed on 1st June 2010 with Persson Invest and SCA as co-owners. Major investments in recent years have made Gällö Timber into a modern, highly efficient sawmill with the latest technology. 



The first sawmill on our present location was Gällö Ångsåg (Gällö Steam Sawmill) which was inaugurated in 1879. O.C. Hammer, a Danish sea captain, was the main shareholder and manager from the beginning and for the next 7 years. The sawmill was founded as the railway between Sundsvall and Trondheim was being built, which eased the export of timber products through these ports.

Documents from the 19th century indicate that the founders were worried that the supply of lumber would be insufficient to provide the sawmill with a steady supply of raw materials, a concern that is with us even today.

In 1963, the sawmill was severely damaged by fire. The sawmill, planing mill, works-canteen and a large number of timber products were consumed by the flames. Reconstruction commenced shortly after the fire and the sawmill was up and running in August the following year.

The sawmill had seen a number of owners and managers in its long history, until it was acquired by AB Persson Invest in 1968. Crucial to the continued existence of the sawmill was the investment in a new sawline in 1998-99. This enabled new sawing techniques and efficient production which form the basis for today’s products.

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340 000 m3

sawn timber products


of sales to the Scandinavian market