Gällö Timber works for responsible forest management

We seek to run a sustainable and environmentally sound business. One way of achieving this is to have certified raw materials from the very beginning of the process.

As a buyer of a certified prduct you are guaranteed that your purchase is from environmentally sound and responsible forestry.


FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. The FSC®-certificate is a voluntary system intended to encourage socially beneficial, environmentally appropriate and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

In Sweden FSC®-certified forestry implies that:

  • Key habitats, forest areas that host rare plants and species, are conserved and managed in order to maintain natural diversity.
  • FSC® requires foresters to be given education and training, be provided with security of employment and to operate within recognised work and safety legislation.
  • The forests are managed in such a way that they will match the quality of natural forests. They will feature significant quantities of both deciduous trees and dead trees, which are important to many lichens, mosses, birds and insects.
  • The use of the forest is diversified, which means that timber production, reindeer herding, outdoor life, hunting, fishing and other uses will be conducted with respect towards one another and the environment.
  • Certificate no: DNV-COC-001780
  • Controlled Wood Code: DNV-CW-001780
  • Logolicens no: FSC-C107829


PEFC is short for ”Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification”. The aim of the PEFC forest standard is to develop a durable forestry industry with a good balance between production, the environment and social interests.

Why choose PEFC-certified products?

  • PEFC supports the use of wood products as renewable and environmentally friendly materials.
  • PEFC promotes an economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just forestry.
  • PEFC guarantees effective control of certified timber.
  • PEFC is supported by a large part of the European forestry industry and has the potential to be a leading standard.
  • Certificate no: DNVSE-PEFC-COC-303
  • Logolicens no: PEFC/05-32-27

Environmental responsibility is to be included as a natural component of the work of the corporation.

The implementation of our environmental policy will take a comprehensive standpoint and will be conducted with the aim of achieving constant improvement, the prevention of pollution and the reduction of our environmental impact.

Our efforts will be determined by a combination of what is technically possible, economically viable and ecologically motivated.

Our employees are expected to act responsibly towards the environment on a daily basis, conform to governing legislation, and follow the requirements of the PEFC and FSC® certificates.

We intend to be constantly aware of developments in environmental issues in the trade.

Our environmental policy will be available to our employees and the general public through our website.

We do not handle raw materials from controversial sources, by which we mean raw materials that come from:

  • Illegal logging.
  • Forests with a high conservation value*.
  • Forests where time-honoured or civil rights are violated by logging.
  • Forests with genetically manipulated trees.
  • Natural forests which have been deforested for plantations or other non-forestry usages.

*In Sweden this means key habitats/key biotopes as defined by the Swedish Forest Agency. Exception applies to logging in key biotopes for the purpose of strengthening natural value in accordance with the recommendations of the forest care authorities.


Immediate action will be taken if it is known that the raw material comes from a controversial source.

Gällö Timber AB’s social policy is to do business in accordance with the appropriate legislation and with a high level of business ethics. The corporation is managed in accordance with current practice on the labor market where collective agreements constitute the basis on which contracts with our employees are negotiated.

The company ensures that work and safety in the workplace contributes to a safe and pleasant working environment, both physical and psychosocial, for all employees.

The company recruits highly-skilled and qualified co-workers and works for an equal workplace.

Personnel development is an important part of the company’s policy.

This policy will be openly accessible.


certified since 2006


certified since 2002